Terms & Conditions & Returns Policy


Products displayed on the website are limited and subject to availability. Aerox Industries cc reserves the right to change product specifications or remove products from their website at any time. The changes of products not limited to but including formula changes, packaging changes and product name changes will be displayed on the website. If products are out of stock the website will communicate this. If you have ordered a product that is out of stock, Aerox Industries will inform you immediately.

Promotional items are available for a limited time only and are subject to availability. Aerox Industries cc reserves the right to remove a promotion at any time. Aerox Industries cc will not be held responsible for any typo or error found on www.aeroxindustries.co.za

These online shopping terms and conditions apply to all purchases made on www.aeroxindustries.co.za

2.1.The first step of completing a purchase on Aerox Industries cc website is by adding the items you wish to buy into your cart. You will then need to click the checkout button in your cart in order to purchase the required products.

2.2. Before you can complete the payment for your order on the online store it is required that you fill in your personal information. This information is not limited to but includes your name, delivery address and card details for payment.

- You can make a payment as a guest – (please note making a payment as a guest means that your personal details have to be filled in every time you make a purchase on our online site) – Please see Section 14.

- Or you can choose to register yourself on the website www.aeroxindustries.co.za in order to make online purchasing easier for the next order – (in future you only need to login to view order history and make purchases) – Please see Section 14.

When you register on Aerox Industries cc website you will be asked to enter an email address and a password which will allow you to login to your account each time you visit the website www.aeroxindustries.co.za  Please keep your password private. Aerox Industries cc will not be held responsible for any loss/misuse of your password. Aerox Industries cc website allows you to make amendments to your registration details at your choosing.

2.3. Once your card details have been filled in and the payment completed, you will be redirected to the payment portal Payfast / OZOW.

2.4. Only once Aerox Industries cc has received full confirmation of your order will the order be officially processed.

If you have any questions about the online ordering process please do not hesitate to contact us on info@aeroxindustries.co.za.


Intellectual property which means and includes but is not limited to, the trademarks (whether registered or not), know-how, copyright, patents and designs, service marks, trade names, logos, emblems, words, designs, graphics, and other written materials produced or owned by Aerox Industries cc, symbols, slogans, domain names, video clips, software and URL's Aerox Industries and their products, contained within this website are protected by law. All content of the website www.aeroxindustries.co.za is the property of Aerox Industries cc or licensed to Aerox Industries Unauthorised use/ distribution of Aerox Industriess cc intellectual property is strictly prohibited and constitutes unlawful behaviour in accordance with these terms and conditions and the laws of South Africa


Aerox Industries cc reserves the right to cancel any orders with notice given to you. The full amount for the purchased items will be reimbursed.

You as a customer are entitled to cancel an order either fully or in part. Order cancellations received, prior to shipment and after payment will have no extra charge. The amount will be fully refunded. If shipment has occurred, courier fee will be deducted from the refund amount.


All of Aerox Industries cc products displayed on the website will have their relevant prices displayed. If a product is on promotion the promotional price will be displayed. Promotional prices may be subject to special conditions. All prices displayed on www.aeroxindustries.co.za are including a value added tax of 15 %. You will be charged the displayed prices when you purchase on the online shopping site. Aerox Industries cc will not be held responsible for typo errors or inaccuracies.


The companies used to handle the payments are called PayFast and OZOW.


A standard delivery fee of R70.00 incl value added tax of 15 %, will be charged for all orders.


Aerox Industries delivers to any valid physical address in South Africa in major city centres. They do not deliver to any P.O Box addresses. They do not deliver outside the borders of South Africa.


Aerox Industries cc delivers from Monday to Friday within the times 09H00 to 17H00. They do not deliver over weekends or on any public holidays. Please ensure that somebody is available to sign for your parcel at the specified address within the abovementioned times. They will assume that the person signing off at the given address is authorised to do so. If nobody is there to receive the parcel, the driver will attempt to make contact with you to arrange delivery/collection. Should it be so required, Aerox Industries cc reserves the right to charge you the extra delivery fee. If it so happens that the parcel is returned by the courier company to Aerox Industries cc due to the incorrect address or nobody having received the parcel at specified address, the re-shipment fee will be charged to your account. Aerox Industries cc regards the delivery as being complete when the parcel has been handed over and signed for.

For all main centre areas the delivery of your parcel will take 2-3 working days.

If you have received a parcel that is damaged due to shipping or for any other shipping queries please contact someone at Aerox Industries cc on +2711 450 1792. Alternatively send them an email on info@aeroxindustries.co.za and they will get back to you as soon as possible.


Aerox Industries cc is willing to accept returned items within 7 days of item receipt by customer. For hygiene purposes we do not accept returns on our mask products. To apply for a refund contact them either by telephone on +2783 298 9990 or by email on kimmy@aeroxindustries.co.za

Once they have received the returned item and approved the return you will be refunded within 7-10 business days. The same credit card, or bank account that was used to pay for the item will be credited with the full amount of the returned item. Aerox Industries cc will contact you once the refund has been processed. Please note the courier fees charged to the customer for sending the original parcel will not be refunded by Aerox Industries cc. The return courier fee will be the responsibility of the client.

It is strongly advised that Aerox Industries cc customers use their products as directed on the packaging. However if in the highly unlikely case an intolerance occurs in response to one of the products, please stop using the item immediately..


If you happen to have any complaints about the quality of the product/s you have purchased from Aerox Industries cc, please do not hesitate to contact them on info@aeroxindustries.co.za


Any unlawful behaviour on the website, or attempted access to an unauthorised page on the website will lead to prosecution.

A user’s personal login email and password will not be used or shared with any third party, it is for their personal use only.

Aerox Industries cc does not have access to any user’s credit card details. These credit card details are only accessible by the banking partner of Aerox Industries cc. Aerox Industries cc ensures that all necessary precautions and security measures have been taken with regard to the safety and security of credit card payments in adherence to the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002. Please see Section 7 for payment information.


Aerox Industries cc requires the input of your personal details before you make a purchase on the website. Your personal details are filled in when you login as a guest or register on the website. They are also obtained when you fill in the contact page or sign up for the newsletter or a similar form of marketing. This personal information will not be sold, rented or disclosed to any third party outside of Aerox Industries cc  without your permission. Your information could be used for purposes of, not limited to but including, order follow ups, promotion advertising, non-personal web statistics, re marketing and identification verification for payment. You are able to unsubscribe to our newsletter at any point and you have the right to request that you do not receive direct marketing material from Aerox Industries cc.

Be aware that your comments, once posted onto the Aerox Industries cc website, become the property of Aerox Industries cc, and will not be limited in any way in the use thereof. We do not hold responsibility for harm caused by your comments to a third party. If your comments are harmful or contain any abusive or defamatory language you shall be held liable.

Please be aware that if any government authorities demand information for investigation of illegal activities, this is beyond our control and we are obliged to provide them with what they require.

Please note some of your personal information such as delivery addresses, names and contact details will be passed on to the courier company for delivery purposes.

The website also automatically gathers your browsing information by means of cookies. Please see Section 15.


A cookie is a term given to a text file that is stored by a web browser and given by a web server. These files do not reveal any personal information about a customer but merely indicate how they ‘browsed’ the Aerox Industries cc website. Cookies are used by Aerox Industries cc and a third party marketing team to indicate what a person’s product preferences are and which links on the website they clicked on the most for example. Cookies assist in gathering user statistics through web analytics to constantly improve user experience.

If you so choose, your web browser should give you the option to block some or all cookies.

It is advised that you do not block your cookies as these text files enable Aerox Industries cc to give you personalised features and an improved online shopping experience.


Any person that is linked to the Aerox Industries cc website without the correct authorisation will be prosecuted.

Aerox Industries cc does not necessarily agree with the content found on any links included on the Aerox Industries cc  website to third party websites as these websites are not owned by Aerox Industries cc and are not Aerox Industries cc responsibility.


Please be aware that Aerox Industries cc cannot be held liable for any typographical errors or inaccuracies found on the website at any time. Aerox Industries cc cannot guarantee that at any one time their official website is free of any errors or omissions. Aerox Industries cc cannot guarantee that the website will run without fault. Aerox Industries cc will not be held liable, without limit, for any loss of income, damages or harm caused by the use of the website and its services. Aerox Industries cc will not be held responsible for any loss, damages or harm incurred as a result of a third party website which has a link on Aerox Industries cc website. Use of these are at your own risk.


We value your privacy and your protection and we will run our website in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002. Aerox Industries cc  assumes that the user will indemnify them from any claim of damage or harm that could have been caused as a result of the use of the website or any of its services.

Aerox Industries cc reserves the right to close down, temporarily or permanently the Aerox Industries cc website, with or without notice. Aerox Industries cc reserves the right to make adjustments to these terms and conditions when they see fit and as they see fit. Registered customers will be notified of the changes. Please do not use the website if you are dissatisfied with any one of the adjusted terms and conditions. For more information or for any queries regarding the terms and conditions of www.aeroxindustries.co.za please phone +2711 450 1792 or email info@aeroxindustries.co.za